Warlocks are humanoid magic users that take a more logical approach to magic than mages. They reside in another realm and do not get along with mages, believing their magic is too different and unpredictable from their own. They also use minions rather than bondeds, and the minion must do everything it is asked of.

Warlocks were first seen in The Warlock Diaries.

Comparing Mages to Warlocks Edit

  • Bonded animals work with mages, creating renewable magic that becomes more powerful as friendship grows. Powerful spells bind minions who must obey their warlock masters.
  • Mages have jewels amplify and focus magic created with animals. Warlocks have spells, charms, and potions that store magic.
  • Mages use elemental magic based on the five elements of nature: earth, fire, air, water, and time. Warlocks use spells based on arcane science handed down through generations.
  • For mages, improvisation, flexibility, and adaptability are key; each mage has a unique approach. As they are extremely rigid, all warlocks practice the same unchanged methods, ancient methods.
  • Emotions power and direct mage magic. Warlocks must be unemotional and scientific.
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