Veronica Morrison-Fletcher is Emily Fletcher's stepmother and a rich art curator. She shares a lot in common with Kara, but makes many desperate attempts to befriend her step-daughter. She is the second wife of David Fletcher, and currently lives somewhere near Colorado and New Mexico. She has a fashion style that easily rivals Kara's.

Veronica first appears in Song of the Unicorns, and is not heard from again to the end of the series. Emily is uneasy about meeting her, and at first does not know if she will like her. Veronica seems disappointed when Emily keeps turning down her invitations to the spa, but is happier when the invitation is passed on to Kara. She is also seen at Texas Slim's barbecue.

Original official description Edit

  • Appearance: Dark hair, beautiful, always looks perfect.
  • Personality: Fashionable, cultured, urban.
  • Facts: Emily’s new stepmom. Curator of international art galleries.
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