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Unicorns are the most legendary and powerful of all magical animals - highly sought after and coveted by those seeking magic. Fast as lightning, unicorns can run upon the magic web itself, transporting themselves and their rider anywhere on the web without the need of a portal.

To prepare themselves for this sacred duty, unicorn foals are often sent to Dalriada, the home of the Unicorn Academy, where they develop their horns, unlock their magic and true colors, and learn to control their powers.

Apparently baby unicorns are not born with their horns; they grow once they tap into their magical potential. Once their horns grow in, their fur changes to their true color, which can be anything. Initially, the Mages thought all unicorns were silvery white because of the first two unicorns they met until they met the freshman class in Song of the Unicorns.

Notable unicorns Edit

Emily finds the unicorns
  • "The Wild Unicorn", an unnamed unicorn stallion Kara befriended in All that Glitters. Majestic and white, he rescued Kara several times. He is later revealed to be the paladin of Lucinda and protector of Avalon.
  • Lorelei, whom Emily helped and befriended in Secret of the Unicorn. She appeared also in Song of the Unicorns, to become the teacher of the freshman class.
  • The freshman class in Song of the Unicorns, consisting of Riannan, Spruce, Violet, Clio, Daphne, Kalinda, Ruby, Snowflake, Lysander, Phoebe, Boodle, Harvard, Mailai, Beowulf, Dulcinea, Barnabus, Pierre, Sibby, Quincy, Cromwell, Elvis, Windmill, Zoey, Riccardo, Celia, Electra, Dante, Ralfie, Pollo, and Calliope. (Some of them are detailed at the list of minor characters.)
  • Emily's Paladin Indigo, nicknamed Indi, who, though not technically a unicorn, is a shapeshifting Power Crystal that took on the form of a unicorn colt before settling into the form of a stallion. He appeared in Heart of Avalon and Full Circle.

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