Trial by Fire
Trial by Fire
Author Rachel Roberts
Illustrator Allison Strom
Publication date October 2002 (Scholastic)
October 2008 (Seven Seas)
August 2012 (PDP)
Published by Scholastic (first edition)
Seven Seas (revised edition)
PDP (e-book)
Publication Order
Preceded by
Followed by
Song of the Unicorns

Trial by Fire is the sixth book in the main series. It was partially inspired by the Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders episode "Jewel Quest, Part II".


There's big trouble on Aldenmor. The mistwolves are dying. Several pack members have been lost to the Dark Sorceress's Black Fire. The three mages, their Bondeds, and Ozzie think they should go off to Aldenmor. But when they all get sucked through different portals, things go crazy. Can they get back in the same place, save the mistwolves, and help all of Aldenmor?

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Chapter 1Edit

The story starts with Moonshadow - a mistwolf - howling to the moon. The Spirit Pack runs by him, and asks him to run with them and he agrees. After a while, the sun comes up and he stops running. A mistwolf calls him and tells him that the Mistwolves are under attack. He follows, only to find that the wolf was a traitor. They throw ropes on to him, and he tries to dissolve into mist. It does not work, and he is dragged along. In the end, he finds that the mistwolf was the Skultum

Chapter 2 Edit

Kara, Emily and Adriane are home and teaching the animals how to make S'mores when a firemental comes out of the fireplace, which tells Kara to save Aldenmor. Lyra said that "if they risked sending a Firemental, things must be bad on Aldenmor." They realize that the Dark Sorceress is going to try to get to Moonshadow to get his fairy map, and get ready to go to Aldenmor.

Chapter 3Edit

Everyone was getting ready for their trip to Aldenmor. Ozzie gives a speech to all the animals, and they leave. Kara steers their bubble to Mount Hope, but the bubble pops and all six of them go seperate ways; Kara with Lyra, Emily with Ozzie, and Adriane with Storm.

Chapter 4Edit

This chapter is about Adriane and Storm.

Adriane and Storm are sucked into an arctic land. They hear cries for help, and they find a sea monster under attack. They scare the attackers off, and a young man around 16 or 17 called out to them and said he would been waiting for her.

Chapter 5Edit

This chapter is about Emily and Ozzie.

Ozzie realizes they are in the Moorgroves. He picks berries along the path they take, and offers some to Emily. Emily's head and stomach begins to hurt, and her bracelet is pulsing with energy. They realize that the dark magic she senses is Black Fire, and they look for where it is coming from.

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