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The Skultum is an evil, dark fairy creature and a shapeshifter. A master of tricks and illusions, he is one of the Dark Sorceress's minions and took on the form of teen pop star Johnny Conrad and infiltrated Ravenswood in order to use Kara to open the Fairy Map the Manticore stole from Phel in Circles in the Stream.

Using his skills in spellsinging, "Johnny" wove a web of lies, deceit, and mistrust of her friends in Kara's heart, and almost succeeded in forcing her to open the Fairy Map but was thwarted in the last second.

Some time later, the Skultum disguised himself as a gray mistwolf to lead Moonshadow and the pack into a trap, both to capture the mistwolves to suck them dry of their magic and to steal the Fairy Map Moonshadow received from his human wolf sister, Adriane.

Kara defeats the Skultum

When next they met, Kara challenged the Skultum to a game and somehow tricked him into revealing his real name, which was Howard (Cigam in the original edition). The dark fairy lost his powers to Kara and was never seen after that, possibly destroyed from the loss of his powers.


The Skultum, or Howard, is a dark fairy creature and one of the most skilled manipulators one would ever meet. He can take on anyone's form but he must first enchant them into a sleep first. He is a gifted spellsinger, using his magic to tighten his control on others, and he is maliciously clever.

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