The Manticore is a dangerous minion of the Dark Sorceress. It is also more of a terrible beast when not being controlled by anyone.

He is a monstrous creature, appearing as a half-lion, half-gorilla winged beast with powerful muscles, and he can devour magic easily, so he is hard to defeat. If tried to be wounded with magic, he will simply absorb it.

He attacked many magical creatures, capturing some for his mistress to bleed for their magic, or some he killed. Lyra, Rynda, Olinde and Silver Eyes were among the few of victims that were lucky enough to escape from the dungeon but not unscathed by the Manticore and the Black Fire.

He came to Ravenswood, hunting the fairy creature Phelonius but Phel was saved by the three mages. Although the Manticore managed to steal the Fairy Map, Phel had tried to give to Kara ("You should've just accepted the map, Kara").

In Trial by Fire, Kara shape shifted into the manticore after taking the powers of the Skultum. It also appears that the Manticore was still working for the Dark Sorceress.

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