The Stonehill Animal Hospital is a veterinary clinic owned by Carolyn Fletcher. It has a small amount of workers, but seems to get business nevertheless. It also has a barn in the backyard, called the Pet Palace and owned by fifteen-year-old Emily Fletcher.

Emily sleeping with Lyra

Emily sleeping with Lyra

The clinic gets its first appearance in Circles in the Stream. Adriane brings a severely wounded cat to it. Police have to come in just to keep it still, and in the end the cat is sterilized.

The Hospital by the Heartland Animal Farm in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders.

Workers Edit

Despite their being very few workers, some are mentioned. Most are only mentioned once in the series with very minor appearances.

  • Kevin, a teenage boy. In Circles in the Stream, he tells Emily that it is rumored that ghosts live in the Ravenswood woods and that the caretaker is a witch.
  • Rachael (Andrea in the revised version), a girl, most likely a teenager who snagged a job, is only mentioned once by name. She helps clean and stitch Lyra up.
  • Emily Fletcher, Dr. Fletcher's daughter, who is also a protagonist of the series. At the start of the series, she seems completely absorbed in her work at the Pet Palace. As she learns more about magic, however, she hardly works there and more at Ravenswood.
  • Dr. Carolyn Fletcher, the owner of the clinic. She works the most there and knows the most about animals. She lets her daughter, Emily, work with her.

Pet Palace Edit

The Pet Palace is a hotel for animals, where pet owners can let their animals stay in when on trips that do not allow them to bring pets, or simply could not care for an animal at their destination. The Pet Palace was Emily's idea, and her mother, Dr. Fletcher, helped her set it up out of an old barn leftover from the former owner of the Stonehill Animal Hospital.

The known residents there are:

  • Jellybean - Dalmatian
  • Pumpkin - Small Pocket Poodle
  • Ranger - Shepherd mix
  • Biscuit - Golden retriever
  • Muffin - Terrier
  • Scooter - Beagle
  • Maurice - Persian, the only cat resident
  • Unnamed Circus Monkeys - The monkeys were formerly in the Pet Palace, screaming and alerting Emily when The Skultum, appearing as Beasley Windor, tried to break in.
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