Sylvan, better known as the Spider Witch, was the healer in the party of mages before Emily, Adriane and Kara. A powerful sorceress, appearing as a grotesque half-human, half-spider.

The Spider Witch was once a Healer Mage girl named Sylvan. Sylvan was shy, kind, smart, and looked up to Lucinda, Miranda's sister and the blazing star. When Miranda betrayed her bonded, Faylinn, and became the Dark Mage, she created an outburst of magic that mutated Sylvan into the hideous creature that was was imprisoned in the Otherworlds.

The Spider Witch is a dangerous weaver of magic, who plans to replace the magic web with one of her own design, to find Avalon and control magic. Her Paladin is the spirit of a deceased mistwolf named Chain (though she was really controlling him until he was freed).

Original official description Edit

  • Appearance: Half fairy half spider. Hides her monstrous spider body with heavy cloak. Faceted yellow insect eyes.
  • Magic: Elemental magic master. Weaves elemental magic into powerful tapestries, an ancient form of spell casting. Wears a blood red jewel on a silver ring.
  • Personality: Ambitious. Calculating. Dangerous. Lethal.
  • Facts: Became permanently locked in half transformation when experimenting with elemental magic. Trapped in the Otherworlds by Henry Gardener. Bound Chain to her as a paladin. Bonded animal is a huge carnivorous spider. Her lair is hidden in the Fairy Realms. Her goal is to reweave the magic web into a pattern of magic she can control.

History Edit


Sylvan grew up in a rural town in Virginia. She had the ability to heal the sick and injured, which put her in the newspapers. The newspapers guided Henry Gardener, the character sent to find the mages, to her to complete the circle of mages. As she learned more about Aldenmor, she learned to weave magic and became best friends with Lucinda.

But, when she stood at the Gates of Avalon, about to open them with her friends, Miranda, Lucinda's twin sister, was finally completely twisted into dark magic and became the dark mage. Lucinda was supposedly killed, and Sylvan herself was turned into a mutant halfling: half spider, half human. Miranda then took her in and taught her the arts of dark magic. She soon sent the Spider Witch off into a prison-like lair until she needed her many years later to try and destroy the current mages.

Magic Edit

The Spider Witch has the power to weave magic, which she tried to reweave the web with and eventually twisted Emily and forced her to do her bidding and reweave the web herself. She also used her magic-weaving to make tapestries, which when finished can show future events. She also formerly owned the twin blue roses, which Kara used in All's Fairy in Love and War to lure Starfire back to her.

Appearance Edit

Her physical appearance as the Spider Witch is an elderly lady with long, shiny, silver-colored hair and a spider's abdomen and legs. As her human (normal) form, she is a tall, teenage girl with auburn-red hair and amber eyes, similar to the appearance of Emily, the current healer. She wore a light blue healing jewel on a silver ring.

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