Author Rachel Roberts
Illustrator Allison Strom
Publication date July 2002 (Scholastic)
September 2008 (Seven Seas)
August 2012 (PDP)
Published by Scholastic (first edition)
Seven Seas (revised edition)
PDP (e-book)
Publication Order
Preceded by
Secret of the Unicorn
Followed by
Trial by Fire

Spellsinger is the fifth book in the series. It was largely inspired by the Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders episode "Fashion Fever" as well as "Home Sweet Heart Stone".


Kara has gotten Be*Tween to perform at Ravenswood! Then she finds out they cannot make it. Kara does not know what to do, but then she reads the rest of Be*Tween's letter. Even bigger star Johnny Conrad is going to perform in Be*Tween's absence! Jonny says that he will let the winner of a singing contest perform with him onstage! Kara decides to enter, but the problem is, she cannot sing.

But Adriane, a great singer and guitar player, and Heather, who has a surprisingly beautiful voice are entering too. Kara will do whatever it takes to win this contest, she does not care what it could do to the delicate web and fragile magic that they've been trying to save.


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