Song of the Unicorns
Song of the Unicorns
Author Rachel Roberts
Illustrator Allison Strom
Publication date July 2003 (CDS)
January 2009 (Seven Seas)
January 2013 (PDP)
Published by CDS (first edition)
Seven Seas (revised edition)
PDP (e-book)
Publication Order
Preceded by
Trial by Fire
Followed by
All's Fairy in Love and War

Song of the Unicorns is the seventh book in the main series. Like Cry of the Wolf, it was inspired by the Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders episode "Vale of the Unicorns", as well as by "Sweet Home Heart Stone" and "Morgana".


It's time for a vacation! Emily's father and new stepmother invite her to join them for winter break in New Mexico! When Emily brings the other mages along, expect a nice relaxing vacation but... they detect wild magic... states away from Ravenswood? The mages soon find someone new and an entire herd of baby unicorns! The question is: How will the mages get the herd a place to stay for the night and safely transport them back to Dalriada via portal... without anybody else noticing?


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