Silver Eyes is a silver-colored female mistwolf who is mother of Moonshadow, adoptive mother of Zachariah, whom she calls Little Wolf, the "mother-in-law" of Dawnrunner, and grandmother of Dawnrunner's and Moonshadow's two unnamed pups. She was formerly the mistwolf packleader, until she was accidentally caught in a trap and imprisoned in the Dark Sorceress's dungeon and infected with Black Fire.

Her adoptive human son is Zachariah, who unintentionally lead her into the trap one of his bids against the Dark Sorceress for revenge, but she never held any grudge against him. Some time later, Adriane wound up in the same predicament and helped them all escape. Silver Eyes was reunited with her sons, her pack, and happily celebrated Zach's birthday. 

Original official description Edit

  • Appearance: Silver.
  • Magic: Turns into mist. Walks the spirit trail.
  • Personality: Caring. Strong. Proud.
  • Facts: Den mother of the pack. Mother of Moonshadow. Raised Zach. 
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