Secret of the Unicorn
Secret of the Unicorn
Author Rachel Roberts
Illustrator Allison Strom
Publication date April 2002 (Scholastic)
July 2008 (Seven Seas)
August 2012 (PDP)
Published by Scholastic (first edition)
Seven Seas (revised edition)
PDP (e-book)
Publication Order
Preceded by
Cry of the Wolf
Followed by

Secret of the Unicorn is the fourth book in the series. It was largely based on the Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders episode "Shadowsong", along with some elements from "Song of the Rainbow" and "Jewel Quest".


A poor, hornless unicorn shows up at Ravenswood, scared and hurt. It was thought to be evil, but Emily heard its song, and found the good in its heart. But will it survive being hunted and chased around by the Dark Sorceress and her minions? Saving the unicorn could be more than it seems. It could save everything that that the mages have worked for, or, if they fail, could destroy everything they have known.


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