Power Crystals are very powerful pure white crystals. There are nine of these, which mages must collect to open the Gates of Avalon. Most are tainted, which tints their natural brightness with dark magic, making them look reddish.

Known origins Edit

Power crystals have been searched for for hundreds of years by many generations of mages. Most generations (most-likely) have found the Power Crystals, but were stopped by the dark mage in their group.

Miranda tainted at least one of the Power Crystals. Once one crystal is tainted, if it comes in contact with another, the dark magic will spread. That is how come so many crystals turned dark.

When our current mage party discovered a power crystal, they would be placed inside a safe called the Crystal Keep located in The Garden. Tasha helped find most of them with her Jewel Locator.

Notable Power Crystals Edit

Some of these crystals have had certain magical abilities.

  • Wishing Crystal - Kara found this one in Dark Mage when going on a "magical shopping spree". Whoever possesses it is able to wish for anything they like. Although, its power can run out if the wishes are too big or it is simply used too much. The possessor cannot wish for it to have more power.
  • Indi - Indi is a power crystal, as well as Emily's paladin. He is able to shapeshift with ease and is capable of communication. He was first introduced in Heart Of Avalon, shapeshifted into a baby sea dragon. All of his transformations are purple, but he is usually seen as a purple and blue unicorn stallion.
  • Shadow Crystal - This was also found in Dark Mage, but by Adriane. It is able to turn anyone it's keeper chooses, including themselves, invisible, leaving only a shadow.
  • Unnamed Power Crystal - This crystal is notable only because it was the first power crystal to ever be destroyed. It was destroyed in All's Fairy in Love and War by Kara when she accidentally let it fall into a pit of lava and melt.

Trivia Edit

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