Ozzie as a Ferret, he was turned such by the Fairimentals

Ozymandius, better known as Ozzie, is an elf from the village of Farthingdale. He wandered away one day and was found by Phelonius, who later became his paladin, and taken to the Fairimentals to find the three Mages disguised as a ferret.

Ozzie can still talk, and though he is small, he has a big mouth and an even bigger heart. ♥ He was also the first animal Emily healed.

Original official description Edit

  • Magic: Level II mage.
  • Elemental Magic: Air.
  • Jewel: Gold/orange stone worn on leather collar – known as the “ferret stone.”
  • Appearance: Gold ferret with dark mask and tail.
  • Personality: Loves food. Caring. Blustery with a heart of gold. Loyal to the mages.
  • Bonded Animals: Himself.
  • Screen name: fuzzy1
  • Skills: Telepathic communication. Very good communicator. Motivator.
  • Facts: Is actually an elf. Fairimentals sent him to Earth disguised as a ferret to find three mages. Grew up on Aldenmor in the village of Farthingdale. Honored by the Fairimentals as a Knight of the Circle, protector of the mages and Avalon.

Bonds and jewelEdit

When he becomes a mage, Ozzie proves the theory of being bonded to himself as he is a ferret, but at an unknown time he bonded with the fairy creature Phelonius who became his paladin, elevating Ozzie to a Level 2 mage before the others.

Ozzie has a special golden ferret stone gifted to him by the Fairimentals after finding the mages.


Ozzie has displayed some magical talents of his own, notably Sound Amplification (which suits his loudmouth personality), and his magical Element is Air. He has no real title but has been called the Helper Mage a few times.

Besides his magic, Ozzie is notable for being truly incorruptible, and never giving up despite the odds he and his "students" were against on many occasions. Because of this, the Well of Tears was not corrupted by dark magic and everything was set right. The Prophecy of Three was never fulfilled as Emily could not kill Ozzie by taking his magic, because he was actually a mage, and mages do not die when their magic is taken. And because Ozzie was a mage, he was never able to become Emily's bonded, so even if she killed him by other means, she would not have killed her bonded, which means, Emily would have never become the dark mage. By mistaking Ozzie as a ferret instead of a mage, she decided to kill him, and it was good she did, otherwise she might have tried it on another animal, which would have surely made her the dark mage. Adding to that, Ozzie could not be killed in ferret form, and because of that Emily would not have even been able to kill him in the first place. Just because Ozzie existed, Emily did not become the dark mage. He did not have to do anything. His mere presence in the game as a ferret, entirely changed circumstances and saved Emily from the darkness.

Ozzie has surprisingly powerful magic, seen as he was able to withstand the dark magic of the Well of Tears and set everything right. His magic was the purest and could never be corrupted. The real twist of the Avalon: Web of Magic series was that Ozymandias, the ferrelf that everyone thought useless, was the most important character in the series and was the only reason Emily did not become the dark mage and the mages did not fail their quest.

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