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Stormbringer and Moonshadow

Moonshadow is a mistwolf and current leader of the Mistwolf Pack, his mate is Dawnrunner and they have two unnamed puppies.

Moonshadow is the arrogant and paranoid leader of the Mistwolf Pack on Aldenmor. He originally held humans in contempt and shunned their presences but not without good reason. When he was younger, Moonshadow's mother, Silver Eyes, adopted a human orphan boy named Zachariah. Moonshadow felt Zach would only bring trouble and, in a sense, was proven right. In one of Zach's bids to take revenge on the Dark Sorceress for the murder of his parents, Silver Eyes and a few other mistwolves were lost and presumed to be dead. Blaming Zach for this incident, Moonshadow banished him from the pack.

Moonshadow eventually made contact with the mistwolf Stormbringer and convinced her to join the pack, but did not allow Stormbringer's bonded, the warrior mage Adriane Charday, to come. Adriane, through Storm, managed to contact Moonshadow and convince him to allow her to come as an emissary from the Fairimentals to deliver a gift, and Moonshadow reluctantly agreed. Thanks to Adriane's efforts, along with the help of Zach, and their dragon hatchling, Drake, Silver Eyes, whom had actually been a prisoner of the Dark Sorceress, was recovered and Moonshadow forgave his pack brother Zach and even welcomed Adriane into the pack. Moonshadow was given a Fairy Map from Adriane, which he wears around his neck, and he attended Zach's birthday party and wore a pink leaf on his head, Adriane's substitute for party hats (which he was not happy to wear but was playfully forced to by Zach).

Moonshadow is captured

Moonshadow is captured

But the Fairy Map would not come without risks, as Moonshadow's pack was captured by goblin riders, imps and The Skultum disguised as a gray mistwolf to lead them into the trap. The pack was imprisoned inside the Dark Sorceress's magic crystals to bleed them dry of their magic. The mages and their bondeds arrived to save the pack although Moonshadow and Silver Eyes urged them to save themselves as they were not just imprisoned, but also infected with Black Fire. Using her connection to them, Stormbringer managed to keep the pack alive at the cost of her life while Emily and Zach freed the pack. Grieving for the loss of Storm, Moonshadow, to everyone's surprise, asked Adriane to lead the pack in the wolfsong to honor Stormbringer's sacrifice and remember her life.

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  • Appearance: Huge black mistwolf with golden eyes.
  • Magic: Can turn into mist. Walks the spirit trail. Has fairy map given to him by Adriane which shows him all the portals on Aldenmor.
  • Personality: Fierce. Stubborn. Proud.
  • Facts: Pack leader. Mate to Dawnrunner. Mother Silver Eyes. His “brother” is Zach. Wolf sister is Adriane.

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