Molly Reilly is one of Kara's friends, along with Heather and Tiffany. Her screen name is "goodgollymolly" and she plays a musical instrument in the school band. She is often seen to be nicer than Heather and Tiffany. Molly first appeared in Circles in the Stream, but as an unnamed character.

Molly appears to be one of the more timid members of the group, voicing concerns about "wild beasts" (All That Glitters) and asking "Are you sure this is safe?" (Cry of the Wolf) during a tour of Ravenswood. However, she also seems to have a more "kind" heart than Tiffany and Heather, and the proof is in Secret of the Unicorn, Emily observes that "a couple weeks earlier, Heather and Tiffany wouldn't have bothered to speak to her at all. They had been best friends with Kara for years." This seems to imply that Molly is usually nicer to Emily than the others, and also that she is possibly a relative newcomer to Kara's inner friend circle. Later in the scene, when Emily has to leave for a Ravenswood crisis, Molly is the one who asks "Is there anything we can do to help?"

Although she can be rude at times, examples in All That Glitters, she calls Emily and Adriane dweebs and nerds, and in the revised version of Circles in the Stream, she is seen making fun of Emily when she is tripped by her dogs.

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