Adriane with the mistwolves

Mistwolves are magical wolves with great power and sworn protectors of good. The mistwolves live in a pack in the world of Aldenmor and help the Fairimentals defend the magic and good creatures from the evil of the Dark Sorceress.


The mistwolves summon the Spirit Pack

When a mistwolf dies, his or her spirit goes to join the Spirit Pack, who are the source of mistwolf magic. The Spirit Pack is made up of the pure essence of every mistwolf who ever lived. Through their magic, living mistwolves are able to tap into memories going back thousands of years. The Spirit Pack runs on the Spirit Trail, a magical pathway that crisscrosses the astral planes and leads to the shores of Avalon itself.

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All mistwolves behold the power of shapeshifting their bodies into a magical mist, which they can surround others to magically hide them. They can communicate telepathically, and some are born as magic trackers; whether or not they can be born with other magical talents is up for debate.

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