All mages must have a magic jewel (also known as magic stone). When the Healer or Warrior mage finds their jewel, it will be a rough, gray rock. As they keep it with them, it will tune to them in the shape of something that they are close to. Blazing Star jewels are perfect after found, already tuned into the shape of a beautiful, white unicorn-horn. It is unknown if Blazing Star jewels before Fairy Queen Lucinda were shaped as a unicorn horn.

Purpose Edit

The purpose of a magic jewel is to focus a mage's magic. When first discovering their power, a mage must have a magic jewel to learn how to tame and put their magic to use. When a mage becomes more powerful, the jewel will still focus their magic and will make it easier to use but is no longer needed.

Transformations Edit

A jewel will transform as the mage learns more about their magic and discovers their hidden talents. Most jewels will start out as gray rocks that the mage will absent-mineddly put in their pocket or keep. They will then later discover the rock to be emanating a bright, magical light and discover their mage powers. A long while after learning about their powers and discovering several talents, the jewel may change again. Magic jewels can change several times.

Mages with jewels Edit

  • Emily Fletcher - Heart-shaped rainbow jewel, gives off blue-green light
  • Adriane Charday - Amber paw-shaped jewel, gives off amber light
  • Kara Davies - Unicorn jewel with gold veins, gives off a diamond-white light
  • Miranda - Although it is presumably missing or destroyed, she formerly owned a emerald square
  • Lucinda - Former owner of Kara's Unicorn Jewel
  • Sylvan - unknown
  • Henry Gardener - unknown
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