A mage is an user of magic who has at least one magic jewel and usually at least one bonded animal.

A magic master is a mage who has completed all levels of training or who is accomplished in a specific area of magic.Ozzie, a ferrelf (no, not a ferret), and warlocks cannot use mage magic, but can still bond with animals despite their way of turning animals into minions

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Adriane the Warrior

Blazing Star Edit

The Blazing Star is the most powerful class of mages. They tend to be more extroverted and wild, much unlike the gentle Healers. Each Blazing Star has the same jewel, a dazzling, white unicorn horn. The most well known Blazing Stars are Kara and Lucinda. They have lots of responsibilities and are often the object of many affections.

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The Healer tend to be more shy and have gentle personalities. They are not often thought to become dark mages because of this. There are two and a half-Healers known: Emily, Sylvan and Sierra, a half-Healer.

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The Warrior is a mage position that currently belongs to Adriane. It was formerly the position of Miranda, who later became the Dark Mage. Warriors are shown to be very athletic and masculine, and tend to wear darker clothes.

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Adriane Edit

Adriane Charday is the Warrior Mage. She uses a Wolf Stone, is a world walker, and has shadow magic. Being a Warrior means she also has enhanced reflexes and strength, and her element is earth.

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Kara Davies is the Blazing Star Mage. She uses a Unicorn Jewel, she supercharges magic, and her element is fire. She is also a power shopper, which may have been a jest, though it was proven in Heart of Avalon.

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Emily Fletcher is the Healer Mage. She uses a Rainbow Jewel and her element is water. She has basic healing power, mind control, is bonded to all animals, and reads magical auras. She has the most extra powers.

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Zachariah is bonded to Drake the dragon, formerly to Winddancer the griffin. He has a Dragon Stone, and is considered part of the Mistwolf pack.

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Ozymandius is an elf disguised as a ferret. He uses a Ferret Stone, his element is air, and he amplifies sound. Most is unknown about Ozzie, but hopefully there is more about him in Avalon: Shadow Warrior.

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Sierra Sanchez is part-Healer and part-Warrior, she has a jewel that started working when Team Magic showed up. She was featured in Legend of the L.A.O.A., where a lot was revealed about her.

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Jewel Riders

The Jewel Riders Fallon, Gwenevere and Tamara

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