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Kara and Lyra

Lyra is a satori who bonded with Kara after she was captured by the evil forces of the Dark Sorceress and imprisoned along with her sisters.

Lyra's release

Somehow, Lyra managed to escape and steal away to Ravenswood but not unscathed as she was drenched in Black Fire, leaving her horribly scarred and burned. Discovered by Adriane, she was taken to Dr. Carolyn Fletcher, the local vet, where Emily comforted her throughout her recovery in the Stonehill Animal Hospital.

Lyra gave a fond thank-you and farewell to Emily before leaving as she knew she was destined to bond with another (Kara). Meeting Kara, and through some magical events, Lyra's fur was restored to reveal her leapard fur and beauty. Lyra can form magic wings and she is empathetic to others' emotions.

Lyra has two sisters, Rynda and Olinde. She was trapped in the Dark Sorceress's dungeon, along with her sisters, but managed to find a way to escape, even though it meant leaving Rynda and Olinde behind. Lyra mentions them very often, telling Kara and sometimes the other mages stories about her sisters, whom she had not seen in a very long while. It was revealed in a "Being Ozzie" article on the official Avalon website that she also have an unnamed brother.

Lyra character

Lyra in the animated series

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