Lucinda was the greatest fairy Queen who has been a blazing star before Kara, her descendant. Her twin sister is Miranda, the future Dark Sorceress and the warrior mage before Adriane. Everyone in Aldenmor, besides Miranda, loves Lucinda.

Lucinda is beautiful and closely resembled Kara. Her bonded was an unnamed unicorn stallion who helped Kara in All That Glitters, the second book. Her jewel was a unicorn horn jewel which eventually becomes Kara's. Lucinda was friends with the wizard Henry Gardener (with whom she fell in love and became engaged with) and the healer mage, Sylvan, the future Spider Witch. She and Sylvan presented Miranda with her bonded, the winged magical cat Faylinn. Faylinn was a black cat with purple wings, possibly of the same species as Lyra, which is satori.

Lucinda was first mentioned in Trial by Fire when it is revealed that Kara is a descendant of Lucinda and Miranda. Because Kara is a descendant of Queen Lucinda she was treated as royalty in the fairy realms. It is found out that the fairies had created a set of living make up supplies for their queen. Lucinda later appears in All's Fairy in Love and War to talk to Kara through a mirror in the Spider Witch's lair.

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  • Appearance: Beautiful, deep green eyes, flowing silver hair.
  • Personality: Loving, wise.
  • Magic: Wore the unicorn jewel before it became Kara’s.
  • Facts: Kara¹s relative and greatest of all fairy queens. Has iridescent wings. Locked in the astral planes.

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