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Human adults Edit

  • Elizabeth Davies is wife of Ray Davies and mother of Kara and Kyle. Mrs. Davies is a workaholic lawyer and a sophisticated, stylish, beautiful blonde woman.
  • Luc Charday is father of Adriane Charday and husband of Willow Charday. He is absorbed in his art, working on many projects. Luc is physically active, tall, thin, athletic man French background, with long brown hair and speaking with French accent.
  • Ray Davies is the mayor of Stonehill, Pennsylvania, as well as Kara's and Kyle's father and Elizabeth's husband. He is tall and distinguished, with brown hair with grey streaks. Mayor Davies is very rich and spoils his daughter, but is still very kind. Kara is able to convince him to do anything for her, like keeping the Ravenswood Preserve open.
  • Texas Slim is Sierra's uncle and runs the Happy Trails Horse Camp with her.
  • Willow Charday is mother of Adriane to her husband, Luc. She is a shy and reserved Native American woman of medium height, with long dark hair and black eyes. Willow grew up with her mother Nakoda at Ravenswood.

Human teens Edit

  • Adam Brown and Marcus Wallace are two of Kyle Davies' buds. Adam is medium height with short dark hair, easygoing, one of the group. Marcus is tall with curly light hair, nice but clueless. He gets turned into a donkey.
  • Heather Wilson and Tifanny Barron are two of Kara’s original friends, alongside Molly Reilly. Heather has long red hair, is outgoing and brass, and an excellent singer; her screename is "credhead". Tifanny is popular and stylish; her screename is "beachbunny".
  • Joey Micetti is a cute boy with wavy black hair. He is fun, playful, and helpful. Joey likes Adriane, as well as mechanics and computers.
Kara and Johnny hang out

Kara with the revised Johnny

  • Johnny Conrad is a hottie teen pop idol. In the first edition he was described as lanky, muscular, handsome, with curly black hair and deep blue eyes. The Skultum put real Johnny under a spell in order to impersonate him and get to the mages.
  • Kevin Deacon is a 15-year-old who works part-time for Dr. Fletcher and Emily, helping take care of the animals in Emily's Pet Palace hotel. He has sandy blonde hair, he's easygoing, and like Emily he cares for and loves animals.
  • Kyle Davies is Kara's older brother, a practical joker, and he often hangs with his friends Joey and Marcus.
  • Rae Wilson is Beasley Windor's niece who plays in school band. Rae has dull brown hair. She is a chatterbox, insensitive and annoying.

Ravenswood animals Edit

  • Olinde and Rynda are female satori, leopard-like winged cats, and sisters to Lyra, Kara's bonded. Rynda was only seen once, in Cry of the Wolf, revealed to be imprisoned in the Dark Sorceress's dungeon, along with many other animals, including her other sister, Olinde. She was formerly infected with Black Fire. Olinde is another of Kyra's sisters, who too was once imprisoned in the Dark Sorceress's dungeon, but escaped with help from Adriane in Cry of the Wolf. They briefly appear in Full Circle to give Emily their magic to complete the key to Avalon.
  • Rommel is a wommel, a small, red, bear-like creature that is a member of Team Magic. He is one of the more known Ravenswood refugees, and also one of the first. He first appears in Secret of the Unicorn as an unnamed wommel. His name is easily remembered due to it rhyming with his species name.
  • Ronif and Rasha are a pair duck-like creature from Aldenmor called quiffle. Rasha comes from Aldenmor, but fell through the portal with many other animal refugees (including Ronif) and decided to stay and live in the Ravenswood Wildlife Preserve. She is one of the first animals Emily healed. Her mate Ronif makes appearances and mentions throughout the books. He and Rasha are seen several times during important Ravenswood matters, the slumber party, and so forth.

Fairies and fairy creatures Edit

  • Fairy Queen Selinda is a distant relative of Kara's. Tall, delicate fairy with flowing honey colored hair, violet eyes, and wings with sparkling rainbow swirls. Selinda is a peacemaker, using nurturing magic that makes things grow. She received a red elemental rose from Kara, made from the elemental magics. Selinda is bonded with Gaia, a loyal earth elemental horse. Gaia is pale green with bright flowers in her mane and tail, azure eyes.
  • Fairy King Oriel is the tall and stately husband to Queen Selinda. He uses water magic. Oriel is bonded with Frost, a strong ice horse with sapphire eyes and silver blue hide.
  • Ghyll appears as a a flobbin, but really is a spriggin. He was sent by Fairimentals to track magic blobs and report back. A bit sneaky but ultimately goodhearted, he loves Kara because of her Fairy Princess heritage.
  • Orenda is a kind and nurturing Spirit of the Ravenswood Forest. She is a tree sylph, with flowing grassy hair and and eyes the color of the forest. Orenda gave Adriane her wolf stone and raised Stormbringer as Adriane’s packmate.

Elves Edit

  • Elf Queen Elara is kind and gentle elf with brown eyes, using air magic. She received the air elemental harp from Kara.
  • Elf King Landiwren is kind, short, with long curly hair. He also uses air magic.
  • Crusp is brave, determined and heartfelt Ozzie’s cousin who lives in Dumble Downs. He is four feet tall, with curly hair, and uses support magic. Wears boots of tanned leather, woolen pants, leather shirts and vests.
  • Tonin and Shmoot are Ozzie’s other cousins who also live in Dumble Downs. Tonin is four feet tall, with curly hair.
  • Velma is a little elf saved by Emily. She loves Ozzie.

Dwarves, goblins, and trolls Edit

  • Dwarf Queen Praxia is stout and pragmatic, using earth magic. Received the Heart of the Mountain elemental talisman from Kara.
  • Dwarf King Rolok is loud and gruff, with a long braided beard, also using earth magic
  • Goblin Queen Raelda is Prince Lorren's mother and a fair ruler of her kingdom, determined to show not all goblins are evil. Tout with green skin, she is opinionated, caring, strong willed and short tempered.
  • Goblin King Voraxx is Lorren’s father, gruff but fair. He too has green skin.
  • Troll Queen Grethal is big and brusque, using water magic. She received purple bunny shoes, water magic talismans, from Kara.
  • Troll King Ragnar is intimidating and using earth magic. He has thick gray skin, dark brown hair and moss green eyes. Wears leather armor.

Merfolk Edit

Adriane with the sea dragon riders
  • Kee-Lyn is a strong-willed, friendly, helpful dragon rider warrior mergirl. She has blue eyes, green skin, and green flowing hair, with silver and blue wetsuit, and a webbing between fingers and toes. She has special star shaped jewel given to those bonded with a sea dragon. Merka is her loving and fierce bonded sea dragon. She is huge and sleek, with emerald scales, golden eyes. Adriane and Storm saved her from snow bears.
  • Jaaran is a dragon rider merboy warrior. He has green skin, green flowing hair, green and blue clothes fitting like a wetsuit, webbing between fingers and toes. Strong fighter, he has a special star shaped jewel given to those bonded with a sea dragon.

Enchanted Objects Edit

Enchanted Accessories
  • Angelo: Silver comb with long handle. Bossy, easily flustered. Speaks and moves, born to groom. In charge of the other enchanted accessories given to Kara by Fairy Queen Selinda.
  • Mirabelle: Golden clamshell mirror. Excitable. Speaks and moves, contains whatever cosmetic is necessary for the occasion — eye shadow, blush, hair products, etc. Cannot bear to be separated from the blazing star.
  • Puffdoggy: Sparkly white powder puff. Puppy-like, energetic. Barks and moves, puffs twinkly white powder.
  • Skirmish: Jade brush. Argumentative, loud. Speaks and moves.
  • Whiffle: Crystal skunk shaped atomizer. Helpful, smelly, puffs out different scents of perfume. Favorite scent, Morning Pew.

The Unicorn Academy Edit

  • Riannan: Unicorn princess, a determined leader who shares special bond with Emily. Gold/diamond crystal horn, white star mark on her forehead.
  • Pollo: Unicorn prince, a fun-loving and brave Riannan’s brother. Silvery blue with blue horn and white star mark on his forehead. Forelock sticks straight up. Very rare for a unicorn class to have more than one prince or princess, making Pollo extra special.
  • Violet: Lavender, white diamond crystal horn. Makes beautiful music. Worries about everything, scaredy corn.
  • Ralfondiz 'Ralphie': Green with brass spots, orange sunburst horn. Projects strong magic. Wiseguy, practical joker. Loves to bother Ozzie and calls him "Fuzzy".
  • Calliope: Most fashionable unicorn in the class, shares special bond with Kara. Iridescent green with pistachio horn. Makes wonderful, harmonious music. Loves to keep her mane and tail perfectly styled.
  • Dante: Silver, silver horn. A bit conceited because he thinks he is a prince too. Everyone thought he was going to be the prince because of the small pale blaze on his forehead.
  • Spruce: Orange, lemon yellow horn. Especially strong musical magic. Loves to sing, extremely loud.
  • Electra: Sky blue, lilac horn. Makes beautiful music.Inquisitive, a bit clumsy.
  • Clio: Aqua blue, sapphire horn. Plays in excellent harmony. Loves to eat, loves to share. Has sock markings on her leg. Her name is a nod to Cleo from Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders.

Other Edit

  • The Blue Roses, or the Twin Roses, are magical roses that were formerly kept in the Spider Witch's lair. To find out which rose will attract great magic and which rose will destroy great magic, a rhyme that all young goblins learn must be recited. They make their first and only appearance in All's Fairy in Love and War, when Kara and Lorren were trying to attract a frightened and angry Starfire back to them.
  • Neerie is a water-elemental Guardian of Avalon, inspired by Lady of the Lake from Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. She is seen on the cover of Heart of AvalonIn the book, she talks with Emily and gifts her a new jewel, the Heart of Avalon. She is seen at the very end of Full Circle, having devised a plan with the mages significant others to surprise them at Ravenswood for their last dance of middle school

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