Kara Elizabeth Davies is the Blazing Star Mage. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was born to wealthy parents Ray and Elizabeth, with a brother Kyle.

Kara TV

Kara and Lyra in the animated series

As the daughter of the town mayor and a hot-shot lawyer, Kara grew up spoiled and vain as her parents wealth brought her whatever she desired. Her meeting with Emily and Adriane turned her world upside-down as she was revealed to be the Blazing Star. With her father's connections, Kara helped transform Ravenswood into a popular tourist attraction, with herself as the Ravenswood Wildlife Preserve Society's president while she, Adriane, and Emily gave tours. It is soon revealed that in some unknown way Kara is a descendant of the Fairy Queen Lucinda, who was the Blazing Star before her. Since Lucinda was the Dark Sorceress's twin sister, this means that Kara is related to the Dark Sorceress as well.

Original official description Edit

  • Magic: Blazing star. Level II mage.
  • Elemental Magic: Fire.
  • Jewel: Fire red/pink and diamond white unicorn jewel worn on necklace.
  • Appearance: 13 years old. Long blond hair. Sparkling blue eyes. Dazzling smile.
  • Personality: Popular. Charming. Confident. Strong willed. Funny. Fashion savvy. Diplomatic.
  • Bonded Animals: Lyra, winged cat; five dragonflies, but has a special bond with Goldie.
  • Paladin: Starfire, firemental stallion.
  • Screen name: kstar
  • Skills: Amplifies others’ magical powers with her touch. Novice Spellsinger. Power shopper. Attracts magical animals.
  • Facts: Mayor’s daughter. Brother named Kyle. Loves pink. Fairy princess, bloodline from legendary fairy Queen, Lucinda.


Kara meets the unicorn

Kara meets the unicorn


Kara riding Starfire the firemental horse

Kara bonded with the winged cat, Lyra, first. She later bonded with the Dragonflies (or the D-Flies) Barney, Fiona, Blaze, Fred, and her favorite, Goldie. She has also with an unnamed white unicorn, bonded to her ancestor Lucinda before her. (She was further possibly bonded with Calliope, a stylish unicorn, though it is shown she does not spend much time or telepathically communicate with Calliope after Song of the Unicorns.) Her paladin became an elemental horse named Starfire.



Emily spellsinging

Kara is very powerful and her mere presence amplifies magic to make it stronger, especially the magic of Emily and Adriane. Her magical element is Fire. She also possesses the basic mage powers of spellcasting, telepathic communication with magical animals, and more.

A girl with rainbow hair

After with the D-Flies obtaining the Unicorn Jewel

Kara found a Unicorn Jewel in the second book, All That Glitters, but had to give it up because it was a trick set up by the Dark Sorceress. (She had gotten rainbow colored hair because of that.) In the sixth book, Trial by Fire, she gets it back and is able to use it properly because it was given to her.

For a while she possessed the power of Shapeshifting after tricking the Skultum, a dark fairy creature, into revealing his name to her. This power was stolen from her by the Dark Knight and she never got it back.

She is also described with a magic called "power shopping". Many fans thought this was a joke at first, but it is revealed in Dark Mage that this was no joke, and it really is a power.


Kara using the Unicorn Jewel

Kara using the Unicorn Jewel

Kara and her jewel have a very complicated relationship. In All That Glitters, Kara obtained the Unicorn Horn Jewel but had to give it to the fairy wraiths of Avalon. Over time, the jewel passed through many different hands. Kara finally ended up with it, however. When she took Starfire as her paladin, the jewel became streaked with red and gold.

Personality and backgroundEdit

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At the beginning of the series, Kara is very self-absorbed and pretty stuck-up. She is one of the "It Girls" at Stonehill. It is apparent, however, that she is not as rude as Heather, Tiffany and Molly can be. This was shown when Heather and Tiffany were making fun of Emily, but Kara did not partake in the ridicule. Throughout the series, she becomes more thoughtful but still maintains pretty self-absorbed. She often puts herself and her needs before her friends. Many times, she can not see her own faults, like when she violently took Zach's magic in the Heart of Avalon. Sometimes she feels like she is being attacked by the other mages. However, by the end of the series, she becomes considerably more considerate of her friends and becomes less stuck-up.

Lorelei crashes a football game

Kara's dad is Mayor Ray Davies, Stonehill Mayor. Her mom is a well-paid lawyer named Elizabeth. Because of this, Kara lives a very privileged life and usually gets what she wishes for. Kara is a football cheerleader (as seen in the Secret of the Unicorn). She maintains good grades, not because she is particularly smart, but because she has many people who are willing to help her with everything because of her style and popularity.


Kara and Lorren

Kara with Lorren (and Lyra)

  • Adriane Charday - Kara's relationship with Adriane had a rocky start. They were originally enemies, and complete opposites from each other. Kara was a shallow girl only interested in fashion, a social butterfly that had always been in the spotlight, never knew what true suffering was, a spoiled selfish child, and Adriane was a loner who was rude to everyone and rejected friendship, for she had gone through the exact opposite of what Kara had gone through. These plain differences constantly put them at odds with each other. But as time went on, and they worked together to save Ravenswood, their impressions of each other changed as well, and though they would never want to admit it, being around one another has made both of them become better people, and they are truly each other's best friends.
  • Lorren - The goblin prince that Kara met in All's Fairy in Love and War. She has a crush on him and he seems to return her feelings.
  • Donovan - He is a warlock. She is a mage. What could go wrong? She ends up kissing him in The Warlock Diaries.
  • Logan - A dark fairy.

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