Henry Gardener

Henry Gardener, sometimes referred to just as "Gardener", is a wizard and helper mage who was sent by the Fairimentals to find the mages Lucinda, Sylvan and Miranda, or the party of mages before Emily, Adriane and Kara. He bonded with the mistwolf Chain but supposedly betrayed him, causing Chain to shun humans. He was engaged to Lucinda, but she was supposedly killed, although really sent to the astral planes, before the wedding.

Gardener was supposed to be mentor to the current mages, but was kidnapped by the Dark Sorceress before they current party even discovered their jewels. They found a hologram of him, but were not taught about their powers or mage levels by the hologram. He also saved Lucinda from the astral planes with the help of Lucinda's bonded, an unnamed white unicorn stallion.

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  • Appearance: Long gray hair, blue eyes, small round glasses.
  • Personality: elusive, mysterious, kindly.
  • Magic: Wizard
  • Facts: Missing owner of Ravenswood. Sends secret messages to the mages via Ravenswood computer.

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