Heart of Avalon
Heart of Avalon
Author Rachel Roberts
Illustrator Allison Strom
Publication date November 2005 (CDS)
September 2009 (Seven Seas)
August 2013 (e-book)
Published by CDS (first edition)
Seven Seas (revised edition)
PDP (e-book)
Publication Order
Preceded by
Ghost Wolf
Followed by
Dark Mage

Heart of Avalon is the tenth book in the main series. It was inspired by the Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders episodes "Song of the Rainbow", "Shadowsong", "The Jewel of the Sea" and "Lady of the Lake"; its title also comes from the show.

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A mysterious sickness threatens the sea dragons of Aldenmor and Emily is on the case. But the Healer canot find a cure unless she can bond with one special animal and advance to a Level Two mage like her friends, Kara, the Blazing Star, and Adriane, the Warrior.

When a strange, shape-shifting creature whisks her away, Emily embarks on an adventure across the high seas of Aldenmor where perilous monsters, salty sea elves, and a new mage hold the secrets to evolving her healing magic and find the path to Avalon.

To save the animals she loves, Emily must journey to the very heart of her magic, face her deepest fears, and discover the truth about her uniquely powerful mage abilities... but she would not be alone.


In Trial by Fire, the Shadowlands in Aldenmor are cleansed and turned into the Garden, a research center for magical beings. When Emily and Ozzie arrive at the Garden, the Goblin Court Sorceress, Tasha, informs the mages that  she has created a jewel locater that can track their jewels in case any of them got lost. While Team Magic meets up with Zach and Lorren, they get a message through a mirror from the merprince of Aquatania, Marlin, saying that the sea dragons are ruining the Wave Fest. Emily volunteers to go help, hoping that the experience would help her become a Level Two mage. Befor she leaves, the Fairimentals inform her that Marina, a water Fairimental, was missing.

When she and Ozzie arrive at the ruined Wave Fest, Emily immediately senses the pain of the sea dragons. There she meets Marlin, in person, and two sea dragon riders named Jaaran and Kee-Lyn. Emily failed to help the sea dragons because it was beyond her Level One skill set. While familiarizing herself with dragon babies, Emily encounters a strange sea dragon that is different from the rest. In a sudden storm of wild magic, she, Marlin and the mysterious sea dragon are whisked away in a portal, while Ozzie is sent through another. The odd sea dragon has now taken the shape of Ozzie and promptly eats Emily's jewel. Meanwhile, Adriane, Kara, Lorren, Tasha and Zach arrive at the Wave Fest. After, learning of Emily's disappearence, they set off to find her using Tasha's jewel locater. Emily finds Marlin, who immediately accuses her of kidnapping.

At the same time, the rest of Team Magic finds Ozzie stranded on the back of a turtle. Meanwhile, Emily and Marlin find the shape-shifting creature and it "pops" them to Tortuga. While fighting magic sellers, Emily encounters a woman who calls herself Miranda, however she is the only one who can see her. Miranda helps Emily fight off the magic sellers by teaching her mind control. Emily, Marlin and the shape-shifting creature then escape on a boat sailed by Captain Cribby. On the boat, Miranda approaches Emily again and shows her how to use magic without a gem. But this makes Emily hurt the animals that she cares so much for. To help Emily, the shape-shifting creature takes the shape of a unicorn. Emily calls him Indigo, "Indi". Emily is not the only one to make a new friend, however. Marlin bonds with a sea dragon called Niva.

Determined to heal the sea dragons, Emily and Marlin set off on Captain Cribby's boat. They use a portal to get close to the Crystal Caves. While traveling towards the Crystal Caves, Lyra and Ozzie meet up with Emily. While they are distracted by their reunion, the ship goes off a waterfall! Thankfully, Adriane, Zach and Dreamer arrive with Drake, who catches the boat and prevents everyone from dying. Finally, Kara and Lorren show up. Then they all realize that Tasha, who had the jewel locator, has not arrived. Though Lorren protests, they all push on to the Rainbow Veil. Using Adriane and Kara's jewels, Team Magic unlocks the Crystal Caves.

When the team enter the Crystal Caves, they find hundreds of sea dragon eggs that are free from the sickness! Concerned for the well being of the eggs, Emily refuses to take away their magic, even to heal the water. However, Miranda arrives, stating that she can take the magic. Miranda reveals that she has taken Tasha hostage and then reveals that she is, in fact, the Dark Sorceress! She tells Zach that she knew his parents, and that they were not mages, but specialized in the Dark Arts.

The mages are confronted by a hydra, who they realize is Marina after she was twisted by dark magic. They soon realize when fighting the hydra, that cutting its heads off only makes it stronger. To protect the eggs, they retreat by creating a shield using magic. However, since unicorn and mistwolf power repel each other, they needed Zach to bind their magic together. Due to all the magic around them, the eggs start to hatch. Since magic makes the eggs hatch, teh mages cannot call upon their plaldins. Zach tries to use his powers to stall the dragons' hatchlings, but Kara, impatient with the slow progress, violently siezes his magic. When Adriane tries to stop her, Kara seizes her magic too.

In a final attempt to save the sea dragons, Emily and Indi try to heal Marina together. They succeed but Indi had to take all the sickness into himself. His true form is finally revealed: Indi is a power crystal. He then disappears.

Emily is transported onto a beach where she finds Indi, who is deteriorating. They are approached by Neerie, a Gaurdian of Avalon. She tells Emily that Indi is in fact the Heart of Avalon, the most powerful power crystal. She also tells her that Indi cannot stay because he is a power crystal. Indi then dies, but Emily heals him and brings him back. Indi realizes that he cannot be Emily's true bonded so he choses to become Emily's paladin instead. Emily is now a Level Two mage. Before Neerie leaves, Emily asks her "where is Avalon?" and Neerie replies, "Avalon is where your heart is."

With all the new dragon eggs, the merfolk are found their true sea dragon match with the help of Emily's aura reading magic. Though everything was right in the end, Adriane is still mad at Kara for taking Zach's magic. Emily had her doubts too. Emily realizes that the journey to Avalon will be tough and there will be a lot of pain. But she realizes that love will always be stronger and with love, there is hope.

In the epilogue the Dark Sorceress is in her lair contemplating which mage might turn dark. Kara was hungry for magic; Adriane's anger could be twisted into hate; Emily's emotions made her weak. Then she turns to her prisoner, Henry Gardener, and tells him, "The Dark Mage must arise."

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