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Magic Edit

Black Rose Edit

Talisman of elemental magic in the shape of a rose that is lethal to other elemental magic.

Blue Rose Edit

Talisman of elemental magic in the shape of a rose that strengthens elemental magic.

Circle of Protection Edit

Magical mistwolf formation to aid and protect a pack mate walking the Spirit Trail. Also refers to any group of magic users that form a protective ring for another.

Dreamcatcher Edit

Ancient spiritual tool used to help assure good dreams to those that sleep under them. A dreamcatcher is usually placed where the morning light can hit it. As one sleeps all dreams from the spirit world have to pass through the dreamcatcher. Only good dreams can pass through the hole in the center while the bad dreams are caught in the webbing and are destroyed by the morning light. A dreamcatcher woven from strands of the magic web hangs over the Ravenswood portal to keep out harmful magic and let in good magic.

Heart of the Mountain Edit

Quicksilver talisman made of earth elemental magic in the Dwarf Kingdom.

Spellsinging Edit

Using music and lyrics to amplify magic and create magic spells.

Unicorn Academy Edit

School where young unicorns learn how to use their magic, run the magic web and maintain the magic along the web. Located on Dalriada.

Wizard Edit

A person, male or female, who is especially skilled in broad fields of magical activity. Wizards do not need jewels or magical animals although both always help make lasting and strong magic.

World Walker Edit

Extremely rare mage ability – to walk directly into the astral planes and enter the dream or spirit worlds.

Other Edit

Flooie Edit

Kara-coined word meaning all mixed up.

Flora Rainbowpufficus Edit

Scientific name for magical rainbow puff flowers, whose seeds spread magic.

Fred-X Edit

Trans-web deliveries made by Fred the dragonfly.

HORARFF (Handbook of Rules and Regulations for Fairimentals) Edit

Turquoise data crystal worn by Tweek, containing more facts, figures and maps than anyone will ever need.

Knight of the Circle Edit

Chosen protectors of Avalon. Protectors of the Fairimentals. The “circle” refers to a ring of powerful stones around the Isle of Avalon.

Otherworlds Edit

Vast and empty world accessed through the Fairy Realms, used as a prison because no portals lead there.

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