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From the "Avalon: The Warlock Diaries", Donovan is a rebellious warlock about Kara's age and he wants to prove to the Warlock Elders that warlocks and mages can work together to find Avalon and save the magic web. He uses ancient spells and potions to make magic, and his minion-turned-bonded is the shapeshifting Frizzle.

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Faylinn is one of the great magic cats of Aldenmor. She has a black panther-like body with deep green eyes and shimmering purple wings, and is possibly a satori. Faylinn was once bonded to the Dark Sorceress, but she now runs the Spirit Trail, the only cat to run with the mistwolf spirit pack.

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Prince Marlin first appears in Heart of Avalon, when he argues with seadragon riders and comes off as an arrogant snob. While he and Emily are being whisked around Aldenmor, they become friends and he loses his bratty attitude. At the end of the book, he makes peace with the seadragon riders after he bonds with a seadragon named Niva and a dozen baby seadragons (because they imprinted on him right after they hatched), and becomes a rider himself. He has a crush on Emily, and it seems Emily returns his feelings.

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Frizzle is a shapeshifting minion recently bound to Donovan. Frizzle enjoys making magic with Donovan and unlike most minions he is fun-loving and likes to improvise. He later changes from Donovan's minion to his bonded.

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Phelonius, or Phel, is a magical fairy creature resembling a purple panda bear without markings. He has healing powers and taught Emily how to heal. He creates magic flowers called Phelowers (Flora Rainbowpufficus).

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Lucinda was the greatest fairy queen and the blazing star before Kara, her descendant. Her sister was Miranda, the future Dark Sorceress and the warrior mage before Adriane. She was beautiful and closely resembled Kara. Her bonded was an unnamed unicorn who helped Kara in All That Glitters, the second book. Her jewel was a unicorn horn jewel which eventually became Kara's. She was friends with the wizard Henry Gardener (with whom she fell in love and became engaged with) and the healer mage, Sylvan, the future Spider Witch. She and Sylvan presented Miranda with her bonded, the winged magical cat Faylinn. Faylinn was a black cat with purple wings, possibly of the same species as Lyra, Kara's bonded.

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