Emily Anne Fletcher is a Healer Mage. She has curly auburn/red hair and hazel eyes (though they often are mistaken as green).

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Emily in the animated series

Emily has a natural affinity for animals, having grown up around critters all her life. She moved to Stonehill after her parents' divorce, where she helped set up the Pet Palace animal hotel and Stonehill Animal Hospital with her mother. Emily would soon meet Adriane, Ozzie, Kara, and their bondeds as Ozzie revealed to them they were three mages destined to find Avalon, the source of all magic. In Dark Mage, Emily becomes the Dark Mage, but eventually she overcomes the prophecy and helps the others with the fight over Avalon.

Original official description Edit

  • Magic: Healer.
  • Elemental Magic: Water.
  • Jewel: Rainbow healing jewel worn on silver bracelet.
  • Appearance: 13 years old. Auburn/red curly hair. Hazel eyes. Warm, friendly smile.
  • Personality: Easygoing. Loves animals. Helpful. Peacemaker.
  • Bonded Animals: none but shares a special bond with Ozzie, Ariel, Phel, and Lorelei the unicorn.
  • Screen name: docdoolittle
  • Skills: Highly empathetic. ESP. Healer.
  • Facts: Moved from Colorado to Stonehill. Parents divorced. Helps veterinarian mom at Stonehill Animal Hospital and the Pet Palace. Plays flute.

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Emily with the Pet Palace clients

Emily was born February 15th, making her an Aquarius. Her single mom is a veterinarian. She has learned to be fairly self-sufficient, due to her mom Carolyn frequently being called out on emergencies, but she is confident in her mother's love and support. She is new to town, having just moved to Stonehill Animal Hospital when her mother bought the animal hospital from a retiring veterinarian. Emily misses her old life and friends in Colorado. With a new home, new school, and newly divorced parents, Emily is lonely, and takes refuge with the animals at her mother's vet clinic.

Emily finds a rainbow jewel that helps focus her healing magic. Her strong musical abilities also help focus magic. Her affinity for animals will also manifest itself in a special way: in addition to the ability to communicate with magical animals, the magic will enhance Emily's ability to sense the feelings and intentions of non-magical animals, and to communicate with them.

Emily's magic plays an important part in healing the sick animals that are arriving from Aldenmor. Although technically not a real animal, the ferret, Ozzie, has become her self-appointed protector and best animal friend.

Bonded animalsEdit

Emily and Lorelei again

Emily with Lorelei

Emily bonded with a unicorn, Lorelei, who gave Emily her horn. Her paladin is Indigo, "Indi", who is initially a shapeshifting Power Crystal but takes on the shape of a unicorn stallion so as to become Emily's paladin.

Technically, as the Healer, Emily is bonded to all animals, though she she has a special bond with the owl Ariel and Phel. She may have a special bond with Ozzie, but this is yet to be decided as Ozzie may be categorized as a mage and not (naturally) a ferret. 


Emily owns an aventurine stone, one that is named the Rainbow Jewel. When Emily first found the jewel in the pond of the magic glade, it was rough and oval-shaped, and had a very dull color. Later that night, Emily found that had changed into a blue green stone, shining like a radioactive meteor rock, as she had tuned herself to it. 

The fairy creature, Phel, changed it into the shape of a rainbow colored phelower, in order to help Ariel when she was injured, and starting Emily's bond with Phil, therefore elevating her to the first mage level. The jewel later changes into the shape of a rainbow-colored heart when she bonds with a paladin, Indigo, therefore upgrading her to a Level 2 Mage.

At the end of the series, after dropping her jewel in the well of tears to close all the portals and trap the Dark Sorceress, the fairimentals collect her new jewel, which has been upgraded to Level 3, and give it to her.


Emily and Adriane switch powers

Emily and Adriane switch powers

Emily has the power and heart to heal others with her magic. In the book Heart of Avalon she develops the power of mind control and aura reading with the help of the Dark Sorceress

Emily's magical element is Water. Her greatest strength is her power to see magical auras and weave magic, which can be both helpful and dangerous.

Emily eventually becomes the Dark Mage, but is balanced by Adriane and Kara to turn back.


Adriane with Emily and Ozzie

Emily with Adriane and Ozzie

This part includes friends, family, and love interests.

  • Adriane Charday - She meets Adriane when Adriane finds Lyra beaten up, they share a strong friendly bond and they soon become mages together.
  • Ozymandius - Ozymandius, known better as Ozzie, was Emily's second friend at Stonehill. Earlier she would accidentally knocked him on the head with a soccer ball and later freed him from a trap. They eventually became best friends. However, in Dark Mage, Emily kills Ozzie. When she realizes what she has done, she goes into a period of mourning. She is elated when she finds out that Ozzie is not dead. It is not official that Emily and Ozzie are bonded because Ozzie may be categorized as a mage and is actually an elf.
  • Kara Davies - Emily unofficially met Kara while walking her neighbors' dogs when Kara and her friends teased her, although, Kara did not partake in ridiculing Emily. Emily truly thinks of Kara as a friend and often has to play peace-keeper with her and Adriane.
  • Carolyn Fletcher - She and Emily are very close, they both love taking care of animals, and often work together to help make Dr. Fletcher's patients better. Carolyn can be a little strict with Emily but she has her best interests at heart, and sometimes calls Emily Doc even though Dr. Fletcher is the doctor.
  • David Fletcher - David is Emily's dad, but he divorced with Carolyn sometime before the beginning of the series for reasons unknown and remarried with an art curator named Veronica, without even inviting Emily to the wedding. In Song of the Unicorns David invited Emily and her friends to New Mexico, partially for Emily to meet her stepmother. It is known that when Emily was younger, she and David would practice music together; he played a saxophone while she played a silver flute.
  • Veronica Morrison - Veronica is Emily's stepmother. Emily was uncomfortable around her when they first met, but as time passed, Emily saw that Veronica truly loved her dad, and gave her a chance.
  • Sierra Sanchez - Emily meets her when on winter break in New Mexico to see her father and step-mother. They become very good friends, and Emily eventually tells her about magic.
  • Marlin - the merprince of Aquatania, is snobby and self-absorbed when he first meets Emily. After traveling together for a while, his personality changes for the better and he develops a crush on her, and she seems to return his feelings.

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