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Dreamer is am orphaned black mistwolf pup bonded with Adriane. In Aldenmor, Dreamer lost his parents to the evil of the Dark Sorceress, leaving him orphaned. He was discovered by Adriane and they eventually bonded, with Dreamer growing into a loving and loyal packmate. His lustrous black fur is marked with a white star on his chest and white bands on his paws.

Adriane plays with Dreamer

Adriane plays with Dreamer

Dreamer is brave and unbendingly loyal to Adriane, whom he calls his packmate. He started off not having an advanced vocabulary and communicated with growls, snarls, and sending telepathic images. Dreamer is also revealed to be a skilled Magic Tracker, which made him a valuable asset to the team. Learning his skills as a warrior wolf, Dreamer excels in magic tracking as well as world walking on the Spirit Trail.

In Ghost Wolf, Dreamer was several times possessed by a deceased mistwolf named Chain and his behavior caused Dreamer to wind up in a cage while at the same time Dreamer was losing his magic. But thanks to Adriane and the other mages, Dreamer was rescued, his magic restored, and inadvertently became the official mascot of the Ravenswood Preserve.

Original official description Edit

  • Magic: Magic tracker. Can turn into a cloud of mist. Speaks telepathically. Can walk the spirit trail. 
  • Bonded: Adriane.
  • Appearance: Black with white star mark on chest and white bands on each paw. Deep green eyes.
  • Personality: Loyal. Fierce. Playful.
  • Facts: Orphaned on Aldenmor. Given to Adriane by Silver Eyes.

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