A bonded is someone that Mages (and sometimes others) have a magical and emotional connection with. They help you with magic and make you more powerful.

Kara and LyraEdit

Kara, the Blazing Star, has a bond to Lyra, the winged cat. Kara's strongest bond is to Lyra, but she is bonded to the dragonflies, Starfire, Lucinda's unicorn and may (but not likely) share a bond with the young unicorn, Calliope.

Adriane and StormbringerEdit

Adriane's first bonded was Stormbringer. Adriane is a Warrior and Storm is a mistwolf. Adriane shared her strongest bond with the she-wolf, but the red crystal dragon, Drake, imprinted on her. In Trial by Fire Storm was badly poisoned, and she was thought to be dead. Adriane's second-strongest bond is with the mistwolf Dreamer. She admits that her bond with Dreamer will never be as strong as Storm's. In Ghost Wolf, she discovers that Storm was not dead.

Emily and everythingEdit

Emily is bonded to all animals because she is a Healer. She has an extra strong bond with Ariel, Phel and Indigo. Many think that Ozzie is her bonded, and he may have been at one point, but Ozzie is now a mage, and two mages cannot bond together.

Zachariah and DrakeEdit

Zachariah, the Dragon Mage is bonded to the red crystal, Drake. Drake imprinted on Adriane, but Zach is his rider and strongest bond. Zachariah was formerly bonded to Winddancer, the griffin, but he died in Cry of the Wolf.

Donovan and FrizzleEdit

Though Donovan is not a mage, he decided not to go with warlock traditions. Usually a warlock would have a minion and force them to give them magic, but he decided to bond with Frizzle instead of keeping him a minion.

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