The battle for Avalon

There are many magical creatures and beings, some good, bad, or indifferent.


  • Brimbee: Brimbees are fun loving, magically imbued animals that inhabit just about every region on Aldenmor, resembling large blue rabbits with iridescent purple spots. They are usually peaceful, and some transferred to the Ravenswood Preserve in desperate attempt to escape the Dark Sorceress, or just because they chose to leave, as one of the first species of magical animals to appear in Ravenswood. Brimbees have a definite mind of their own and can be boistrous and outspoken. The only named brimbee is Eddie, but he does not play a major part in the series. However, he is part of Team Magic.
Cribby the sea-elf
  • Elf: Elves are small humanoids native to elf villages such as Farthingdale, the Moorgroves, and many others. Though originally native to the Fairy Realms, many have moved to Aldenmor to become part of the villages. They do not seem to have any magic. They are recognized for their great interest in farming. Notable elves are Ozymandius (Ozzie), an important main character in the series who becomes Emily's best friend and pet ferret. There is also Esmerelda, Ozzie's love interest who seems to return his feelings. Schmoot, an elf often mentioned by Ozzie seems to play an important role in the elf villages. Lastly, Emily heals Velma, a baby elf in Trial by Fire.
  • Enchanted Accessory: Crafted from exotic magic as a gift to the Fairy Queen, the enchanted accessories live to beautify. Mirabelle, the beauty expert compact mirror, Angelo, the self imposed leader comb, Whiffle, the scent spritzing atomizer, Skirmish, the golden brush, and Puffdoggie, the fun-loving powder puff.
  • Fairimentals: Fairimentals are protectors of Aldenmor, the Magic Web, and Avalon that take forms and shape from one of the four elements: air, water, earth, and fire. Fairimental magic is tied to Aldenmor and they can appear only for very short amounts of time on Earth.
  • Fairy Wraith: Fairy Wraiths are kind creatures that are the guardians of Avalon. They have green hair, glowing emerald eyes and gossamer wings. [Inspired by the Fairy Wraiths from Jewel Riders.]
  • Griffin: Half-lion, half-eagle, griffins are ferocious avian carnivores. Though not as fast or sleek as other flyers, a griffin's muscled lion's body allows exceptional endurance and stamina for long distances. Keen eyesight and sense of smell make griffins excellent trackers. Griffins are brave and very loyal to those mages lucky enough to bond with one.
  • Jeeran: Energetic green zebra-striped deer, native to Aldenmor. They are mostly seen running around on the preserve. Their personalities are much like deer, always running, shy, spooked easily. Jeeran were some of the first Ravenswood refugees.
  • Merfolk:
  • Mistwolf: Mistwolves are shape-shifters, able to change to shadowy fogs and clouds, becoming practically invisible.
  • Pegasus: Pegasi are magnificent winged steeds, intelligent creatures, shy and wild and not easily tamed. When they do bond, they serve their friends with absolute faithfulness. They resemble ponies with butterfly-like wings.
  • Pooxim: Pooxims are creatures that look like a cross between a bunny and a songbird, with a singsong voice. Their voice is natural and conducts musical magic. The pooxim's thrilling songs of the wild can be heard echoing through the Moorgroves of Aldenmor, keeping the forest healthy and rich with magic.
  • Quiffle: Quiffle are duck-like creatures with silver-colored feathers that flourish throughout the lakes and wetlands of Aldenmor. Quiffles are intelligent and fun-loving with family bonds. They are also loyal friends and allies to the other good animals of Aldenmor and were one of the first species of animals to arrive at the Ravenswood Wildlife Preserve. Baby quiffles were also among one of the first animals Emily healed. Rasha and Ronif, two quiffle mates, are often seen throughout the series.
  • Satori: Satoris of Aldenmor are leopard-like cats, with golden wings that can only be seen by magic-users. They vary in size and coloring and possess a keen intelligence, sharp intuitive senses and deep empathy for others. They include Lyra, Rynda and Olinde.
Sea Dragon
  • Sea Dragon: Sea dragons live in the seas off the northern coasts of Aldenmor. Revered and loved for generations by merfolk as trusted allies and bonded friends, sea dragons are loving and very loyal. Sea dragons are as big as whales and have green scales. They are known to have golden eyes.
  • Unicorn: Unicorns are the most legendary and powerful of all magical animals - highly sought after and coveted by those seeking magic. Fast as lightning, unicorns can run upon the magic web itself, transporting themselves and their rider anywhere on the web without the need of a portal. They take the form of colorful horses with a single, spiraling horn on their heads.
  • Wommel: Wommels are small, fuzzy, red bear-like creatures with thick fur and large eyes, native to the Moorgrove Forests of Aldenmor. They appear cute and cuddly but Wommels are fiercely protective of their families. Working together, many wommels can provide relatively strong protective magic. Some of these creatures are refugees at Ravenswood. Wommels were one of the first magical animals that Emily healed. A notable wommel is Rommel, whose name is unforgettable due to it rhyming with his species name.


  • Centaur: Half-human, half-horse, centaurs are a proud, wise, and fierce race. Although some are considered dangerous, many have pledged their service to the Fairimentals and the Guardians of Avalon on their quest to save the web of magic. Centaurs are skilled in the arts of hunting, medicine, and music.
  • Chimera: This rare creature is half lion, half scorpion. When threatened, the chimera's deadly tail whips over its head to strike attackers. Naturally solitary, it lives in the high desert hunting at night, and seeking shelter in cool caves during the day.
  • Dragon: An ancient, winged reptilian race known and feared for their size, physical prowess, and powerful magic. Fast and sleek, there are few creatures that can keep up with a dragon in flight. Dragons usually only associate with other dragons, but the rare mage that bonds with one finds exceptional empathic understanding and fierce loyalty. Dragons are thought to be extinct on Aldenmor, but it is rumored they have hidden themselves in Dragon Home, located in an isolated place in the web.
  • Dragonfly: Dragonflies are miniature dragons originally bred in the Fairy Realms. Their magic derives from fairy magic, giving them unique abilities. They can pop anywhere without the need of a portal and can communicate between worlds. Being fairy in nature, dragonflies are fun-loving and playful. Wild dragonflies spread magic seeds and rarely ever bond with humans. The D-Flies bond with the Mages. [Inspired by the Wild Magic Gliders from Jewel Riders.]
  • Dryad: Magical fairy-like creatures that can shapeshift.
  • Fairies: Fairies are the many magical creatures that inhabit the Fairy Realms. They have beautiful wings.
  • Flobbin: Flobbins are large fairy creatures, rotund and frog-like. They have lumpy blue and purple skin, flat flippers, bulbous crystal eyes, long purple tongues and a wide mouths stretched in a perpetual smile. Fairy in nature, flobbins have a reputation for being schemers and tricksters. Flobbins are also natural magic trackers with a special knack for finding magic blobs, loose pockets of wild magic.
  • Flying Bat:
  • Goblin: Goblins are a diverse race of beings that occupy a wide range of areas on the magic web. Some had been employed as mercenaries for the Dark Sorceress, trained in the dark arts of magic. Other goblins are peaceful, occupying the Goblin Kingdom in the Fairy Realms.
  • Golem: A golem is a creature composed of inanimate objects (stone shards , unformed metal , harden crystals, etc.) brought to life by a powerful conjurer, usually a wizard, sorcerer, or warlock even its own commanding. The golem is then controlled like a puppet or by itself as no one possess it, locked to obey its master's or mistress's commands as it falls to breach and kill remaining life between the golems own command.
  • Hobgoblin:
  • Jeeran: Jeeran are beautiful deer-like animals with long ears, purple eyes, and soft green-striped fur. Agile and fast, Jeeran are originally from the hills and forests of the Moorgroves but have found their way into many of the forested regions of Aldenmor. They are thought to be sentient but keep to themselves.
  • Kobold: Bear-like creatures with coarse black hair, kobolds live in the cold, misty bogs of the Otherworld. They are territorial and fiercely protective of their race. Kobold Shamans have a rich tradition of using magic to make talismans and amulets to identify individual tribes.
  • Mermaid: Mermaids are the ancient, female magical beings of the sea. They are the ancestors of the merfolk. Unlike the merfolk, who are practically human, the mermaids are beautiful siren-like maidens with the tails of fish. Mermaids live near water portals or other areas where there is strong water magic. Mermaids are very protective of their magical powers. To protect themselves, the mermaids use their powerful siren song to cause shipwrecks. They are more similar to the sirens than their merfolk descendants.
  • Satyr: Creatures that are half goblin and half goat. They are quite mischievous.
  • Siren: Sirens are female magical creatures with azure eyes and long flowing hair. Their magical power is the ability to enchant people with their song. They are similar to their relatives, the mermaids.
  • Spinnel: Distant cousin to the dragonflies, spinnels are a larger and rarer form of fairy dragon. Spinnels were once plentiful in the Fairy Realms until magic became scarce. Now only handfuls survive.
  • Sylph: Magical female spirits that are tied to certain aspects of nature such as forests and ponds.


  • Banshee: Cursed fairies that look like old hags with green skin covered in sores. They are dressed in filthy rags. They can appear in bodies of water. They wash clothing items of their next victims. They half hideous screams and the ability to burn organic material.
  • Basilisk: A snake like monster that can freeze creatures with its stare.
  • Bulwoggle: Large lizard-like creatures, bulwoggles are strong, ferocious, and quick-tempered. Bulwoggles hunt the web searching for magic. They hire out their skills as magic trackers and mercenaries to anyone willing to pay for their services.
  • Dark Fairy: A shapeshifter with potent transformational powers. It uses spellsinging to lull a victim into a sleep state so it can replicate the victim's form. Being fairy in nature, if someone speaks its true name, they will be able to absorb its power. The Skultum is a dark fairy creature.
  • Forest Demon:
  • Gargoyle: Winged medium sized member of the Demon class, Gargoyles are vicious monster predators. Unlike imps, gargoyles are cunning and ruthless hunters, using their terrifying and nightmarish looks to their advantage.
  • Harpy: Harpies weave spells using musical enchantments. Not true shapeshifters, the harpy's music creates a beautiful vision, sort of a dream-time state - disguising it just long enough to get close so it can attack. Only those with powerful magic of their own can see the harpy's true form. It has a skeletal face, blue eyes, pale white skin, and wears a long cape.
  • Hydra: A huge monster with multiple snake-like heads, the hydra can be found in swamps and bogs. When one head is chopped off, two heads sprout in its place, making it a fearsome opponent in battle.
  • Imp: Diminutive members of the Demon class, imps are formed by twisted, electrical magical currents that hold their oily jet black forms together. If injured, they can re-form themselves or merge together into larger forms. Imps have no individual thought, they act as a unit and follow one group prerogative.
  • Manticore: Evil creatures with the lower body of a lion and the upper body of a demonic ape that can drain the magic of other magical creatures. The Manticore is a powerful minion of the Dark Sorceress.
Night Stallion
  • Night Stallion: Night stallions are fearsome mounts trained to serve evil minions of dark magic. They are powerful fire breathing horse-like beasts. Night stallions make a fearsome cavalry in the Dark Sorceress's army.
  • Night Stalker:
  • Orc:
  • Reptilicon:
  • Sea Wolf: Ferocious predators with shark bodies and wolf-like heads, sea wolves have razor teeth and eyes as black as night. Some of the fastest creatures in the ocean, they travel in packs and swarm in the warmer waters off the southern coasts of Aldenmoor.
Shadow Creature
  • Shadow Creature:
  • Shadow Leech:
  • Snow Bear:
  • Werebeast: People that can shapeshift into certain animals after being injured by a werebeast. There are several different types of them.

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