Beasley Windor is a member of the Stonehill Town Council who wants Ravenswood Wildlife Preserve to be torn down and turned into a country club and golf course so that "everybody" can get something out of all the open space Ravenswood would have to offer once all the trees are cut down and the animals sent away to zoos.

She constantly tried to get strange things in the preserve on camera to provide evidence that Ravenswood has a secret. In Dark Mage, it is revealed that Mrs.Beasley's feelings towards Ravenswood have now improved and she does not want it gone as much as she did in the beginning of the series.

Beasley Windor's known family is an unnamed brother, and unnamed sister-in-law and a niece, Rae, who befriends Emily sometimes between Secret of the Unicorn and Dark Mage.

Original character description Edit

  • Appearance: Medium build. Brown hair. Beady eyes.
  • Personality: Suspicious. Self-righteous. Determined.
  • Facts: Stonehill real estate agent. Wants to bulldoze Ravenswood Preserve and sell the land to a golf course.

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