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Be*Tween is a hot and popular band on Earth. They were originally scheduled to play at a beneficial concert for Ravenswood, but for some reason they disappeared, and hot teen singing star Johnny Conrad (really the Skultum in disguise) came to Ravenswood in their place in Spellsinger.

While going to Aldenmor in Trial by Fire, Kara and Lyra are separated from their friends, ending up in a place between realms. They come upon a fairy rave where Be*Tween was performing, revealing themselves to be real fairies. They are:

  • Sylina, a siren: lead singer
  • Crimson, a pixie: high-energy drummer
  • Andiluna ("Andi"), a sprite: guitarist

Their song "Supernatural High" is Kara's favorite.

Original official description Edit

Be*Tween is a band of magical teens that has come together to make magical music. Music is their calling, their passion, and their gift, inspiring creativity and imagination. When you hear Be*Tween, the music sweeps through you with infectious joy, making you laugh and dance. But Be*Tween’s music is more than music, toe tapping rhythms and soul stirring lyrics. As trained Spellsingers, the three girls know that their magical melodies may be the only chance to restore the good energy that has been fading from the magic web.

The three band members — Sylina, Crimson, and Andiluna — met at a fairy party. From the first moment their voices blended in song, they knew they were meant to make music together. Since then, Be*Tween has been traveling the magic web spreading good magic with their music, becoming the favorite band on many worlds and inspiring countless fans.

Recently their music was brought to Earth where their songs became instant hits! It was on the advent of their first tour of Earth that Be*Tween mysteriously disappeared.

Sylina Edit

  • Appearance: Silky raven-haired siren.
  • Personality: Mysterious and mystical.
  • Magic: Like the sirens of legend, Sylina’s voice is pure magic. Steeped in Celtic lore and taught Spellsinging by the fairies of Celtic myth, she is both mystifying and beautiful.
  • Fact: Her stunning vocal range enables her to sing the most lovely of ballads to the most rockin’ pop. She is the voice of Be*Tween.

Crimson Edit

  • Appearance: Flaming red and pink-haired pixie full of high energy.
  • Personality: Playful, fun loving and joyous.
  • Magic: Crimson can release happy sounds from just about any object.
  • Fact: Crimson loves to pound on things, creating rhythms that make your heart leap and your feet start dancing! Crimson has the moves.

Andiluna “Andi” Edit

  • Appearance: Total sprite. From her pointy ears to her cascading blue hair, Andi lives to make music.
  • Personality: Full of sprightly energy.
  • Magic: An incredible songwriter and musician, Andi can play about anything put in her hands. Her music fills the soul, striking the deepest chords of feeling.
  • Fact: Her fave instruments are guitar, fiddle, and dulcimer.

Be*Tween songsEdit

  • [1] "Supernatural High"
  • [2] "Spirit of Avalon"
  • [3] "Feel the Magic"
  • [4] "Friend in You"
  • [5] "Golden"

(Three of their songs first appeared in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders.)

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