All's Fairy in Love and War
Ally's Fairy in Love and War
Author Rachel Roberts
Illustrator Allison Strom
Publication date November 2003 (CDS)
March 2009 (Seven Seas)
March 2013 (PDP)
Published by CDS (first edition)
Seven Seas (revised edition)
PDP (e-book)
Publication Order
Preceded by
Song of the Unicorns
Followed by
Ghost Wolf

All's Fairy in Love and War is the eighth book in the main series. It was inspired by the Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders episodes "The Faery Princess", "Wizard's Peak" and "Prince of the Forest".


Kara has got he role of Queen Titania in the school play, A Midsummer Night's Dream! Of course some magical problem has to show up and mess everything up! A hobgoblin and a mookrat come and she gets thrown through a portal to the Fairy Realms. Her and Lyra have no idea what is going on. Lyra gets turned into quicksilver and is melting, and Kara meets a dashing boy with a Zorro mask on. The whole kingdom wants the great descendant of the most powerful Fairy Queen of all time to save the kingdom: Kara! So, a lot happens, but if Kara does not save the Fairy Realms, it could mean the end of everything the mages have worked for.


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