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Adriane Francesca Charday is one of the three current Mages, the Warrior. She has long black hair, black eyes, and olive skin.

Adriane lives with her grandmother, Nakoda Charday, who calls her "Little Bird" (but later on calls her "Little Wolf"), in a cottage aside the Ravenswood manor. Initially, Adriane is a lone wolf, very slow to trust, and believed she did not need friends aside from Stormbringer. She comes across a leopard-like cat Lyra covered in horrific burns and injuries, which is how she meets Emily Fletcher, and their adventures begin.

Original official description Edit

  • Magic: Warrior. Level II mage.
  • Elemental Magic: Earth.
  • Jewel: Silver wolf paw worn on black bracelet inlaid with turquoise.
  • Appearance: 13 years old. Black eyes. Long straight black hair. Tall. Thin. Native American/French.
  • Personality: Tends to be a loner. Tough, no nonsense. Nature lover. Strong opinions. Strong willed. Loyal.
  • Bonded Animals: Dreamer, mistwolf; The Drake, dragon; Fred, d’fly.
  • Paladin: Stormbringer, spirit of Ravenswood.
  • Screen name: guitargirl
  • Skills: Physical. Athletic. Stealth. Wolf power to see and hear through Dreamer’s eyes and ears.
  • Facts: Prefers black/dark colors. Plays red Fender guitar. Lives on the Ravenswood Preserve near the Manor house with grandmother. Artist parents travel but are settling in Woodstock, NY. Loves to run with Dreamer and their packmates.



Adriane and Stormbringer

Adriane's first bond was with the mistwolf, Stormbringer (Storm). However, she later lost Stormbringer trying to save the mistwolves in the Dark Sorceress' lair. After that, Adriane bonded with an orphaned mistwolf called Dreamer.


Adriane reunites with Drake

When he was born, the red crystal dragon, Drake, imprinted on Adriane, believing that she was his "mama". Adriane gave her new friend, Zach, the Dragon Stone that she found in the remnants of Drake's shell, making Zach and Drake bondeds. Adriane is also bonded with Drake.


Adriane possesses the Wolf Stone. As a Level One mage it is a paw-shaped tiger's eye stone. As a Level Two mage it is still paw-shaped, but is instead silver etched with gold, representing Adriane's paladin, Stormbringer. It is on a black leather band with turquoise etched around the center of the bracelet


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Adriane is the Warrior Mage, and her Wolf Stone grants her magical powers over the element of Earth, as well as enhanced strength and reflexes, and World-Walking. She has also demonstrated using the powers of a mistwolf (shapeshifting into mist), and conjuring/manipulating a golden energy called wolf fire. She also possesses the basic mage powers of spell-casting, telepathic communication with magical animals, and so forth. She constantly tests the limits of her abilities.

Background and characteristicsEdit

Adriane is of French and Native American heritage, as her father Luc Charday came from France. She lives with her grandmother Nakoda on the property of Ravenswood where Nakoda is the caretaker in the absence of Henry Gardener.

Originally, as a result of having to travel with her parents so much before living with her grandmother, Adriane was a loner and a little anti-social because she never had any friends while traveling with her parents. She found the friend she always wanted when she bonded with Stormbringer, and even found a friend in Emily, despite the shaky start. She has a rivalry with Kara, especially since Adriane is more skilled magically.

Adriane is tough, brave, sarcastic, witty, sometimes she has trust issues, but she is a true friend to all despite being a lone wolf from time to time. She is a Gemini, the twins, her birthday being June 7th, and it is said that Geminis are independent and witty, and sometimes if they have trust issues. She also plays a red Fender guitar, hence her screen name - guitargirl.


Zach and Adriane in Okawa

Adriane with Zach

  • Zachariah -  A boy from Aldenmor who becomes Adriance's love interest. He was raised by mistwolves after his parents were killed by a manticore. Zach first appears in Cry of the Wolf. Over time, they appear to develop a crush on each other.
Emily meets Adriane and Ozzie

Emily meets Adriane and Ozzie

  • Emily Fletcher - Adriane's first (human) friend. Even though they had a somewhat rocky start, they soon became great friend and start to rely on one-another.
  • Kara Davies - Adriane and Kara have a very hard relationship. They are polar opposites and are very competetive with each other. In Circles in the Stream, Adriane had a very hard time trusting Kara with their secret about magic. In All that Glitters, they seem to bond more, especially while Adriane gives Kara a haircut after Kara's horrible magic attempt. In Spellsinger, however, they become very competitive for the chance to sing with teen idol, Johnny Conrad. Things especially start to heat up when it is clear that Adriane is very talented and Kara is not. To make things worse, Adriane does not trust Kara with the unicorn horn. During the rest of the series, they remain competitive but they do dial it down a bit. In Full Circle, they both confess that they are truly each other's best friends.
  • Stormbringer - Stormbringer was Adriane's first friend. They grew very close after so many adventures together. When Stormbringer died in Trial by Fire, Adriane was devastated. In Ghost Wolf, Adriane briefly got Storm back, but Storm had to take up the role as the Spirit of Ravenswood. This is when Stormbringer becomes Adriane's paladin.

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